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Increasing the Influence of Sustainable Tourism Indicators


InFluenSToRs aims at making sustainable tourism indicators more influential in the policy-making process. This because previous research has shown that sustainability indicators are rarely used as evidence in policy-making. In particular, this research will investigate the use of the European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS), a toolkit developed in 2013 by the University of Surrey on behalf of the European Commission. It comprises 67 diagnostic indicators aimed at measuring, monitoring and managing the sustainability performance of tourism destinations.



The destination chosen for data collection is Visit South Sardinia (VSS), in Italy. VSS is a Destination Management Organisation (DMO) which comprises the capital of Sardinia (Cagliari) and four small municipalities (Domus de Maria, Pula, Villassimius and Muravera). VSS has shown an active involvement in monitoring sustainable tourism, being one of the pioneer destinations to test the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) standards and ETIS.



InFluenSToRs will be conducted throughout three phases


April/May 2019

This phase requires mapping a timeline of events and activities relating to how each municipality in VSS has implemented ETIS. This is done to understand how sustainable tourism indicators are currently implemented in a tourism destination.


June - July 2019

This phase aims to map the multiple causal factors that influence the use (non use) of sustainable tourism indicators


September - October 2019

This phase requires the co-creation of an enabling framework that allows sustainable tourism indicators to be more influential in the policy-making process




Gloria is a Phd Researcher at the University of Surrey and is currently interested in the use of sustainable tourism indicators as evidence in policy-making. She's currently working with Prof Xavier Font and Prof Graham Miller in two projects: making sustainable tourism indicators more influential in the policy-making process by working with various municipalities in Southern Sardinia (in collaboration with Prof Patrizia Modica from the University of Cagliari)  and evaluating the impact of the European Tourism Indicator System(ETIS). In 2018, she has worked with Prof Xavier Font, Dr Joseph Kanterbacher and Dr Anna Torres-Delgado in developing a manual for the Interreg Mitomed+ project about best practices of tourism destinations implementing sustainable tourism indicators to improve their sustainability performance. Prior to Surrey, she worked for more than two years in Myanmar for the Luxembourg Development Agency for a project about human resource development in tourism. Her main role involved the design of performance indicators and monitoring of the project.

Gloria holds a BA in Tourism Economics and Management (University of Sassari) and a MA in Tourism Destination Management (NHTV University of Applied Science).